My Plea To You

This week is national blood week. 7.5yrs ago I received 6 pints of blood. Had I not there’s a good chance I wouldnt be sitting where I am today. It takes people making the decision to give up an hour or so to go and donate to help save millions of lives.

Ive said it before and il say it again. I am absolutely gutted I will never be able to give blood, under the present rules those who have received blood cannot give it. I would love nothing more than to be able to give something  back. But I cant. So instead I do my best to encourage people to get involved with giving blood if they are able too. There are restrictions on who can and cant give and you can find out more about who can and cant on their website.

I received blood because when I had my 1st son there were major complications during the emergency c section. I have two uterus’ pretty unique obviously. So unique the doctors didnt know it was there. Nor did they know they were going to cut my bladder too. It meant 3 hours in surgery being fixed up and then further complications when I got to HDU with serious clotting.

Had I not received that blood I may not be here today. I may not have been able to do a skydive. Or run a marathon. Or have my second son. That blood saved my life.

But blood only saves lives if people donate so please. If you can. Make an hour in your schedule to go and donate. Without people donating it wont be there for those who need it.


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