Not all women hate football…

So once again the world cup has come around. And quite frankly I’m hugely excited! Im a massive football fan. Liverpool are my team and England obviously for internationals. Football just kind of runs in my family I guess. I have some brilliant memories of sharing my love of football with my brother and our friends during the world cup when we were kids. Memories I treasure even more as one of those friends is no longer with us.

My flag is hanging in the window and I’m waiting in anticipation of Englands first game tomorrow night. Annoyingly I have to be up early on Sunday for a 10k race. Bad planning on my part! But that wont stop me watching at least half the game. Although I’ll get so into it I’ll watch it all!

In the lead up to the world cup though I’ve noticed how sexist the media and commercial stores are. Phrases like ‘Football Widow’ get thrown around all too easily. Pjs such as ‘Forget football I’d rather go shopping’ being sold in stores. And quite frankly it pisses me off. Its just another bit of the huge assumption that football is a mans sport. What about all the ladies football teams? What about all the women that turn up to football matches every week? Its not just men that enjoy football, although the media would lead you to believe it was. We live in a world that makes far too many assumptions based on gender/interests. Just like barbies aren’t only for girls and guns only for boys… football isn’t just for men….


Rant over 😉


One thought on “Not all women hate football…

  1. So true, I’m fed up of people (including women!) saying “whilst the men are watching football I’m going to…”

    Feel like saying talk for yourself as I have my seat ready in front of the tv!

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