34 days…

In 34 days I’ll be jumping out of a plane for a second time. Although I LOVED it the first time I am still anxious to do it again. Maybe because this year theres been quite a big change in my life ultimately the skydive could have an impact on that potentially, and thats quite scary. But its not going to stop me from getting out the plane door again. I’ll do it again because no family should have to experience the pain of SIDS. No baby should go to sleep and not wake up again. And maybe one day through lots of fundraising and money being ploughed into research we will know why SIDS happens and what can be done to stop it.

Beautiful Matilda Mae touched so many hearts. So so many hearts. And she continues to. I remember vividly the day that Jennie told the world Matilda had gone. I remember all the range of emotions I experienced that day. I remember reading through twitter from people who could find the words to explain the utter shock and disbelief. As many parents are with both my boys I was always paranoid about SIDS. Health visitors and midwives had always been telling me about what to do to prevent it. But I knew it could still happen. I used to wake frequently to check their breathing. If they were in the car I was constantly checking their breathing. You never imagine SIDS will happen to your child or someone you know. But it happened to Tilda. I’d read and commented on Jennies blog for years. I’d read about Tilda as a bump. I’d read about tilda when she was born. But suddenly SIDS had hit someone I knew. Someone who I cared about. Thats why last year I knew I had to something to help raise money for the Lullaby Trust. Reading Jennies heartfelt blog posts have opened many eyes to the grief a parent experiences when they lose a baby to SIDS.

Last years skydive was wonderful. We had an amazing team and we raised over £6000.

This years skydive we have a different team. A few of the same jumpers, myself included, but lots of new faces too. The fundraising is going well and as a team so far we have raised over £2500 which is wonderful and there is still money coming in and targets to be met.

MatildaBubbles30287e7ffe02c51d39e26460e12ead93If you haven’t sponsored me yet please do. The work the Lullaby Trust do is SO important in helping families affected by SIDS and also putting money towards the research into why SIDS happens. https://www.justgiving.com/HGMMSkydive2014/



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