A funny thing.

Social media is funny isnt it. We can be whoever we want to be. Maybe be the best parts of ourselves with the worst edited out. Or be the one that shares it all. The good and the bad.

Or we can be a mixture of them all. We can use different sites in different ways. For example facebook might be more family and friends orientated whilst on twitter you talk about random c**p with people youve never met but for some reason you liked their little bio and so followed them. On instagram you might fill up your feed with pictures of your children, showing off a happy perfect life. Or maybe you’ll show your weight loss journey. Or maybe your dog or cat. You might share photos on there that you dont share on Facebook and twitter.

We can be anyone we want to be online. And yet so many people choose to be a bitch or just plain rude to others.

People are funny creatures.


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