Dropped a dress size!

For as long as I can remember ive always been a 14. Even between having my boys I never truly got to a size 12. There was the odd occasion a 12 fitted me but they were usually BIG 12s. But now I am a 12. The other day I tried one of my 14 dresses on and it looked ridiculous. Too big and baggy around the boobs. And believe me im not conplaining! Today I put on one of my favourite next tops and realised again how huge it was around my chest. Clearly thats one of the places ive lost weight! Although I hadnt really realised. Ive noticed my bras are tending to be on the big side. And sadly there wasnt much there before so its not ideal lol! But its all progress to the right direction.

After I had my youngest I was wearing size 16s alot of the time. I had to buy a pair of size 16 jeans just so I could wear jeans and not live in leggings.

Im by no means at my target weight. I still have just under 2 stone to go to get there. But im pleased that ive already lost 2 stone. Im halfway there.

Left: June 2013. Middle: August 2013. Right: June 2014

I couldn’t tell you exactly what my weight is in those first two pics but I know its over 13st. On the right im 11st 5lbs. Its all little steps in the right direction and not through dieting which is what I am most proud of.

Thinking slimmer has changed the way I look at food. If im not hungry I no longer eat for the sake of eating. I am walking past those chocolate bars at the checkout and able to resist the boys chocolate treats and not scoff them myself as I would have done in the past. And the biggest thing for me is I am enjoying salad. Ive never eaten so much salad in my life as I am now. And im eating it because I like it not because I feel I should.

Mutu has taught me I can squeeze core workouts into my day in little snippets. I can fit in exercises other than just running. Exercises that are helping me to tone up more.

Gradually slowly but surely I will lose this weight and keep it off. Its been a long time coming snd I am so glad I am finally seeing progress!


2 thoughts on “Dropped a dress size!

  1. That’s really awesome! Well done you. It’s so great when you can look back on old photos and really see progress 🙂

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