Co-Sleeping : The end is near!

Youngest is going to be 3 this month. My ickle baby is going to be 3! Its scary. Really scary. He doesn’t seem 3 yet. He still seems very much 2! He only started temper tantrums recently, hes still barely in 2-3yrs clothes. It can’t be real that hes going to be 3. Around the same age, infact a little younger, his older brother got his first bed and begun the transition into sleeping in his own bed. It was a good 2 more years before he started sleeping solidly in his own bed and only properly slept through the night when he started school. Youngest is a very different character. He sleeps through the night if you consider 5am to be morning, he does. So thats all great!

Co-Sleeping has been wonderful with him. He sleeps on his half of the bed, doesn’t kick me that much and only snuggles up occasionally.We managed to get through the horrible stage last Autumn when I stopped breastfeeding and still manage to sleep ok together although it took some high necked tshirts on my part to break that habit. And since then its all been great and so really some would say there is no need to move him out of my room. But I’m ready. And I think deep down he is open to the idea.

The thing is I say I’m ready and then the reality hits and its like “My ickle baby wont be within arms reach anymore, what if something happens to him” panic sets in. In our flat the bedrooms are opposite ends which means we have probably about 10metres distance between us, maybe more maybe less. That feels like a HUGE distance! Since the day he was born we co-slept. With him it was a conscious decision that I knew was going to happen. Unlike with eldest where it kinda happened by accident until I became more ok with it. And I’m so glad I did with my eldest as the sleep apnoea he had could have caused some serious problems if not, but thats a whole other post. So for me to make the decision that the time has come for youngest to move out to his own space feels huge.

I think I am going to take a similar route I took with my eldest in that as of Friday night he will fall asleep in ‘his’ bed every night. And then at some stage in the night if he needs me and comes to find me he can snuggle up with me in my bed. It was how I weaned eldest off co-sleeping and I feel it will work ok with youngest too until I reach a stage where I feel I want him in his own bed totally, that being said he may well sleep through himself straight away. So far though I’ve found it hardest. The first night I knew I was going to sleep in his room with him as it was the first time he was in there so that was fine. Last night I tried to go to sleep in my bed but I struggled, I was restless and didn’t sleep properly and eventually about 1am I went and crawled in next to him!!

Tonight I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Hes asleep in his bed now. Part of me wants to crawl in with him. I think I’ll be happier to let him sleep there alone when I invest in a new  video baby monitor, one that doesn’t switch off every 2 minutes as the current one does!

Wish me luck!


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