Elmbridge 10k Race Report

A few months ago my best friend ran Brooklands half marathon and got a flyer for Elmbridge 10k, at the time we said oh we should do that! Its been at the back of my mind for weeks and I finally signed up last week. The past few days I decided I’d let the weather dictate if I chased my PB or not, which stood at 1:03:28. Thankfully this morning was overcast and cool enough I felt I could give my PB a good run for its money although I was apprehensive as I’ve not run further than 4 miles since doing a 10k about 4 weeks ago!

We arrived about 8:30 for a 9 start time and found the loos, in hindsight I should have gone again nearer to the start but hindsights a wonderful thing isn’t it! I went and collected my number and got it all pinned on and chip attached. I wasn’t feeling very inspired by the course mainly as its roads I’ve run before, the downside of being a local race I guess! But the atmosphere was friendly enough and I bumped into some fellow ‘Run Mummy Run’ girls which was nice as it gave me someone to line up with.

The race started on time which was a relief as I hate it when things get delayed. I went off fast. I knew I’d gone off fast, potentially too fast, but I decided I’d deal with that later if I had to. The course was straight down for 3km before a big loop around and then rejoining the same path for the final 3km. One major downside to towpath races are the general public, rowers and cyclists. I’ve done a couple of tow path races and I do find them infuriating at times. Today was generally ok until we reached Molesley regatta and teenage girls in their rowing gear were choosing to hog the whole path paying no attention to the runners and boats trying to cross the path! The race marshalls were doing their best to control the traffic flow but the rowers were plain stubborn and determined their boat had to cross at that given moment! Bet they wouldn’t like it if I swum in front of their boat in a race. I had another dog on the loose running right in my path incident too but mainly it was ok.

Up to 5km I was doing really well and felt strong, my 5km time was 30mins 23s which for me is flamin fast, when I noticed that I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to keep the pace for the final 5 and decided I would just take each km as it came. Between 5 and 6 was the water stop and the dreaded cups, I attempted to run and drink and promptly chucked a ton of water down my nose, not nice! So then I walked 2 paces simply to take one gulp and then threw the rest down my neck to try and cool off. As we neared the final few km I knew my pace was still strong, I hadn’t dropped into 11min average at all so knew I would be close to my pb so I just kept on pushing. At the moment in my head I still very much have ‘You ran a marathon, just keep pushing’ when I do shorter runs so I just kept pushing. With 1km to go I got chatting to a fellow runner who had also done Edinburgh and we ran the last bit together finishing with me slightly ahead of him, he reckons I knocked 15seconds off his time as he sprint finished with me. I have a bad habit when I see the 400m/200m to go signs of pelting it off. I held off at 400m knowing my legs were tired from the pace I had done. But when the 200m sign came into sight I was off with my new buddy hot on my tail determined to stay with me, I’d taken on some water shortly beforehand and started seeing stars and feeling pretty horrendous but told myself I was not allowed to pass out at this stage and to just sprint! I crossed the line with a chip time of 1:02:31 with my buddy crossing 1 second behind me. I was so chuffed!

My splits show I ran a fairly consistent pace which is funny as I didn’t feel it was that consistent as I was conscious at times I had to push really hard to keep that pace up but seems I did manage it 🙂

1 mile – 9:14
2 mile -10:01
3 mile – 10:03
4 mile- 10:19
5 mile – 10:21
6 mile – 10:17


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