#MMSkydive Virtual Run!

So next weekend I’m being flung out of a plane again. I think I’m potentially more scared this year because I know whats coming. Don’t get me wrong I LOVED last year but I know how it will feel this year which is a bit unnerving. At least last year ignorance was bliss!

Anyway what gets me out the door is the thought of Tilda and her family and all the other families affected by SIDS. The work the Lullaby Trust do is so important and thats why I’m arranging another virtual run in the hope it raises more funds for the charity, its the knowledge of the money raised that helps push me out the door when my heads going ‘what the hell are you doing’!

Its really easy to join in with a virtual run/walk. Heres how it works.

1) You pay via paypal your entry fee.

2) You run/walk/hobble/waddle however you want 3.11 miles (5kms)

3) Email/FB Message/Post on fb event proof you’ve done it

4) Sit at home and wait for your medal to arrive 🙂

Couldn’t be easier right?

The medal this time has a lovely rainbow ribbon and features stars on it as well as being engraved. The runs ideally should be completed between 1st and 3rd August but I’m flexible either side of that to what works best for people.

The facebook event has the sign up details pinned to the top: https://www.facebook.com/events/703033456406925/

Thank you to everyone who took part in the last virtual run! And good luck to those taking part this time 😀


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