A new running goal!

Since running Edinburgh Marathon I have struggled massively for motivation. Although I’ve run a selection of 10ks nothing feels a challenge now. My mental attitude has changed which is helping, I push myself harder in races at the moment because I’m like ‘If you ran a marathon you can push a bit harder and make it hurt its only 2 miles’ etc and my speed has started to improve although that could be due to some of the weight I’ve managed to lose finally, although stuck again now!

I knew I wanted to get back up to half marathon fitness in the hope I can hit next years Brighton marathon training on the ground running like I did with Edinburgh training. This weekend I’ve booked my place for Bournemouth Half Marathon. I have to admit I’m a tad tentative about doing it as its the same company who cocked up Edinburgh so royally this year but there are so many RMR girls doing it that it felt wrong not to grab that opportunity. I’ve also got my eye on a couple of half marathons for November/December time as well. I hated the marathon distance (although I’m doing it again next year) and I kinda enjoyed the half marathon, but I need to give it another couple of trys to see if I really like it. I think 10k is going to be my favourite distance, although I’m still trying to push for that blinking sub 60! Its getting closer though!


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