#mmskydive : Ignorance is bliss

Last year I was scared. Scared of the unknown. Scared of how it would feel. I worried it would feel like falling.

I swore my head off as we left the plane but I loved every second of that freefall. Even the struggle to breathe! And the relief when that parachute opens.

So for some reason this time around I feel like im more scared. Everyone is telling me I shouldnt be scared this time. That I know what to expect so its fine. But thats exactly it… I know whats coming. I know how it feels like your floating. How it feels so utterly peaceful whilst your in freefall. And then how you glide in and the ground rushes towards you. And how you stand up and feel like your legs are jelly. Your shaking with adrenaline. Youve survived. Your on an absolute high and feel like you can take on the world. You want to go up again there and then.

And then a few days later the low that its all over.

I am scared. But I have no doubt like last year that Tilda is going to be watching over us making sure we are all safe.

Less than 48 hours to go! Hopefully!!


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