HM Training : Not going so well!

Training, hmm, interesting word, that would suggest I had actually done some running to contribute towards my goal of running a PB half marathon! In reality I haven’t ‘Trained’. I can’t put an exact reason on why not, theres been a number of contributing factors.

1) Fragile emotional state. For a number of reasons I’ve not been in a good headspace. In fact I’ve been in an entirely awful one. I’m grateful that although I’ve not seen many of my friends physically I’ve discovered some amazing friends in the skydive team who have been there for me through this time and I love them for it. They are being my rock!

2) Its summer, running during the day in heat is horrible I just cant do it, i struggle too much with hydration and low blood pressure and end up feeling awful. I can’t do early morning runs because I’m a single mum so it means asking my Mum to come over which isn’t fair on her as its her school holidays so she doesn’t want to be waking up at 6am so I can run. I can do evening runs but I’m not an evening runner naturally! I hate running in the evening. It means I’ve had to mentally prepare myself the whole way through the day for it to try and get myself to go out the front door, and often by the evening I’ve failed at that mental prep, I’m exhausted and just can’t be bothered!

3) Summer holidays. Whereas when I was marathon training and half marathon training I had 2 days a week where youngest was at his childminder and then he would spend a morning with his godmother and a morning at creche for an hour I was able to fit in my runs, this time both kids are off and I dont have any childcare which means relying on my Mum and thats not always easy, we both have commitments and I feel guilty to ask her to have the boys so I can run, it doesn’t feel a valid reason.

I know ultimately these are excuses and really I should just give myself a massive boot up the backside, sort out a new training plan and get my legs moving but I am struggling. Come September when the kids are back at school it will be easier as youngest will be at nursery 5 mornings a week and I will just have to use those 3 hours to get myself out and going but thats 4 weeks away and although that will be valueable training I also have to train before then if Im going to meet the goal I want in bournemouth!


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