5 Years of Blogging!

This week I’ve moved my blog off a self hosted server and taken it back to wordpress.com. I don’t tend to review anymore, nor do I accept any sponsored posts etc so I didn’t feel the need to keep paying for hosting anymore. I simply didn’t need it. I have kept my URL though, thats part of my identity I feel. When I moved it to SimplyHayley.com I chose it because it didn’t tie me into being a parenting blog totally.

My blog started out in June 2009 according to my records. At the time I had named it ‘Single Motherhood Challenges’, that was a bit of a mouthful! At some stage it moved to being Singlemummy.net but then again I reached a stage where I didn’t want to be tied to it being about parenting so thats when it became simplyhayley.com. This blog has all 5 years worth of posts on it, over 1000 of them! Many have now been put into draft mode as I don’t want them in the public domain anymore. But I can’t quite delete them. Its like looking back at an old diary.

There are the days when blogging was much smaller, early 2010, when at all events there were the same few familiar faces. Blogging now has exploded. I talk to my few blogging friends and they mention names of people I have no idea who they are! I liked the way it was back then, I do miss those days.

This blog also saw me through my second pregnancy and provided me with a place to keep a diary and write about my concerns and fears over my planned c-section and how that all turned out, as well as our volatile early days of breastfeeding.

More recently it has become my place to talk about my running, marathon training and race reports as well as my charity fundraising for the lullaby trust with the Matilda Mae Skydive.

Although I don’t blog on a regular basis now I like that its always here if I want it. I dont think there will ever come a day where I could hit the delete button. I’d be lost without my little space to come and get my thoughts down, that being said in recent years I’ve self censored so much that theres barely any of ‘my thoughts’ here now. Too many friends and family read it and I have to be conscious of that, gone are the days when no one knew I wrote it and I could say anything that was on my mind without any repercussions, thats generally the problem with all social media now.

I wonder where my blog will be 5 years from now…


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