Do you know what ALS is? #ALSIceBucketChallenge

So for a few days now the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been taking over my various social media channels. I’ve found it all very amusing and have loved watching the videos, especially of the celebrities doing it including Cheryl cole, David and Brooklyn Beckham, Ronaldo, Colleen Rooney, loads of them! But I admit I wasn’t totally aware of how debilitating ALS can be. I had a general idea about what it entailed but not as aware as maybe I should have been. I’ll admit the first time this video got shared in my stream I skipped it. But then a friend who doesn’t share many things on FB shared it and I thought if she has taken the time to share it then maybe I should to! So I had a watch and was heartbroken watching Anthony caring for his mother, both of them suffer from ALS, hers is further along than his. How hard must that be caring for someone knowing one day your going to be in her place. Just awful.
Take a few minutes to watch his video. And then bear in mind how much this has helped spread the word about ALS, something the majority of the world probably had very little idea about before this happened.
The power of the internet.

In the UK ALS is known as MND (Motor Neurone Disease) The MNDA have set up a justgiving page and text code so you can do the challenge yourself and donate to them. Check it out here.


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