Reasons we love Coombe Mill!

Last week we spent another lovely week at Coombe Mill. We still found it just as magical as we did on our first visit last year. The boys loved returning and my youngest enjoyed it so much more this year as he really started to get into the whole animal feeding thing and riding the train. Theres just so much I could say about Coombe Mill but you’d probably all end up really bored so I figured I’d break it down into more bitesize chunks!

The Cottage

We stay in a cottage called Willow, personally I’d go to a different one next year but my Dad loves the fact its at the end of the site so people dont have to walk past it or anything, its kind of secluded in its own way.

The walls are super thick and although its bang next to Honeysuckle you don’t hear your neighbours. We haven’t on either occasion we have visited so either we have very quiet neighbours or you really dont hear them!

The master bedroom has a superking bed! This is an addition this year and is SO comfy! I could lie across it length ways and I didn’t touch either end! It was perfect for me and my cosleeping 3 year old, we had plenty of space and I loved being able to lie smack bang in the middle of the bed and still not be able to reach the edge! LOVED IT! Mattress is also super comfy!

The childrens playroom is lovely! Theres a little room next to the master bedroom filled with lots of toys, cuddly toys, train tracks, cars and much more. Little man generally isn’t much of a ‘solo’ play kind of guy, hes too used to having brothers to entertain him! But he loved being able to go in there and would happily sit in there for 20 minutes or so talking to himself, building train tracks.

The open plan lounge/kitchen/dining room is lovely as it means your able to be in the kitchen but not feel excluded from any action in the lounge, the table is large and perfect for a family of 6.

Views from Willow are also lovely, out the front you have the train track, playground and beyond that the river camel, which if you have the windows open you can hear the tinkle of the stream, magical. And to the right you have a field of sheep which are lovely to hear in the morning!

The Farm

When your at Coombe Mill you can join the feed run every morning and go around with the farmer to feed all the animals, these include chicks, chickens, ducks, geese, wallabies, donkeys, goats, Sally the pig, sheep (including hand reared Ebony who is lovely), ponies and deer. The kids get stuck in hand feeding most of the animals and all the farmers are very knowledgeable about the animals and the local area, and all are great with the kids.

As well as the feed run you can visit the animals at any time of the day. We made numerous visits to see the rabbits, mainly because they had the most adorable baby bunnies! On days when we hadn’t been able to make the feed run we would go round and visit the animals ourselves. Especially my favourite baby goat!

All the extras! 

Although the farm is one of the main features of Coombe Mill there are also numerous other things you can do on the site. There are two wonderful play areas that both my boys adore. They spent hours on the pirate ship roleplaying Jake and the neverland pirates, or zooming down the zipwire, jumping around over the soft play, playing in the stream, riding the train every day! You can easily spend the day on site and not be bored!


The great thing about Coombe Mill is how child friendly it all is. Stairgates are already there on the stairs so you don’t have to worry about taking travel ones, bed guards, black out blinds and much more are available. Toys are already there so you don’t have to take half the house with you! If you have children and you want a child friendly holiday, Coombe Mill is WELL worth checking out!


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