Half Marathon Training Update

Wow its ages since I updated on my half marathon training back in August. I wasn’t in a good place when I wrote that. Things had been really tough. But I’ve also been away on holiday since and in doing that its given me some space from the issues that were hounding my head and also provided some solutions to the long term pain. I’ve managed to find my focus again. I want to beat my Half Marathon PB in Bournemouth. I dont know how possible it will be but I am going to try damn hard! I’ve pretty much stuck to my training plan as much as has been possible, adjusting the mileage occasionally in accordance with fatigue, and life!

Running in cornwall, with the extreme hills, was interesting! I’m not used to hills! I live in flat little surrey! That being said coming home to the same boring routes wasn’t thrilling! I was glad to be back to the flat though.

I have recently changed my training plan, which may not be such a fab idea in the middle of training but I wasn’t feeling confident that I would be ready with the My Acsis plan that I was using so I’ve moved back to my trusty Hal Higdon plans!  I’ve also found out when I will be starting Marathon training and know which Higdon plan I will be using. I am hoping to do another half between Bournemouth and Marathon training though as I want to enter marathon training being at half marathon capabilities as I did when I trained for Edinburgh.

Hotel has now been booked for that weekend which is a relief! Have to admit I’m pretty excited about it!


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