Insomnia is such a hideous problem. I have suffered on and off for years. My worst was when i was a child/teen. I’d lie wide awake for hours often not falling asleep until the early hours of the morning. Then i had my son and i was so tired i did sleep. And number 2 came along and it was similar. Occasionally i had a few days or a week of insomnia but it usually righted itself or the emotional issue related to it was resolved and so sleep was too.

For the past month or so ive been suffering again with insomnia. At the moment it just feels like its getting steadily worse. Im awake more and more every night. It takes ages to fall asleep. Then once i am asleep little man will wake me and im back to square one. Brain in overdrive and unable to switch off.

Ive tried all the usual things. Writing in my diary about the things on my mind, listening to relaxing music, breathing exercises. But nothings correcting itself yet.

I think the most frustrating thing for me is the afternoons when im completely knackered. I feel like my eyes could just shut and i could drift straight off, but i cant nap because little man doesnt and when he does its when we are in the car and im driving; so clearly cant sleep then! Its probably no bad thing i cant nap as it certainly wouldn’t help sleeping at night.

The problem is its affecting my running too. I want to run. I need to run. But the energy levels are so low anything over 5k feels a struggle. Not ideal with a half marathon coming up!


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