Conquering Comfort Eating

The past 6 weeks for me have been a really tough time emotionally. I’ve really struggled in many ways and only a select few people know why and have been there to support me. I’ve been lucky to have them.

Usually when things get tough for me I turn to food for comfort. Whole packets of biscuits, Chocolate Cakes, Brownies, Family size bars of chocolate, you name it I’ll sit and scoff it. The worst times are when the boys are dropped off at childcare and I’m alone. Its so easy to curl up on the sofa and eat those bars of chocolate.

This year though I seem to have managed to finally overcome that comfort eating. Dont get me wrong I still turn to chocolate, but I grab a small fudge bar, or a milky way, not the family sized bar! The other day I even managed to put that emotional rubbish into going for a fast 2 mile run, I was sitting at home tearful, I could have walked to the shop and got some chocolate but instead I ran it out. I let the emotional pain fuel my run, I managed to run one of my fastest miles to date and felt somewhat better for it. I still came home and cried but at least I had done something positive with that emotion.

I wish I could pinpoint whats changed for me. Part of me thinks now I’m seeing the results of hard work, now I’m seeing the lbs dropping off, the inches diminishing, I don’t want to ruin it. Maybe thats why I’m managing to avoid the chocolate. Maybe its because I’m stubborn and determined and so I don’t want to lose that hard work. Who knows? But what I do know is I’ve overcome those bad comfort eating habits that have been there for years. I’m talking back to my teenage years.

It feels good to have overcome them.


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