Race Report: Womens running 10k London Finsbury Park

So yesterday i went to london to run the womens running 10k. I’ve wanted to run one since seeing the photos last year so was really excited. It was the first race in 10 months of racing that ive travelled to alone! That was a tad daunting but I knew there were going to be some members from runmummyrun.co.uk there and I had arranged to meet them. Once i arrived and found them its like meeting an old friend you havent seen for a while. You all have one thing in common and you just gel straight away. We had a fantastic time together before the race and it put me at ease rather than waiting around alone! 

The race started at 10am and was two laps. I was hoping for a pb so had found the 60min pacer and I popped myself in just ahead of her. Sadly she was running a slightly faster pace and i went off way too hard and burnt out after 3 miles at a huge hill. The frustrating part was it was 2 x 5k laps so it meant facing all the same hills again. My 5k time was great for me. Just under 31 mins. But then the second half the hills totally drained me and i just focused on finishing!

The course is nice enough. I hadnt been to finsbury park before. It seems like a nice place with lots going on. Personal training sessions, outdoor gyms, football matches, bmf and much more. We saw it all. There wasnt much vocal support around the course. People were there to see their person and other than that were just silent! The marshalls were hit and miss on supportive. One spent the race on her phone. The guys around the course marshaling were really supportive with plenty of well dones, you can do it comments. Its just a shame they werent all like this!

I managed to finish in 65 mins which is 3 minutes slower than my pb but i was satisfied with that seeing as the hills took me by surprise!  I had registered for the race in January my number hadnt arrived so i had to collect a new one on the day so thought my text result wouldn’t come through but it did the moment i crossed the line!


I finished and was given a medal, goody bag and tshirt. The tshirt is womens fit but a loose one. Its not one i will wear out but will come in handy for bedtime! I met up again with the lovely RMR girls and we stuck around to see the last few runners cross the finish line. As a thank you the race organisers gave us all another tshirt and goody bag which was very kind. We would have stuck around anyway though!



Would i do the race again? I wouldnt race at finsbury park again. But i would do another womens running race yes. It was well organised and pretty flawless. The medals cute and goody bag was the most well stocked ive had in ages!


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