New Challenges!

Before I had run Bournemouth the other week I knew what my next challenges were, I knew what my training plan was going to look like. And then I read a post on my friend Vikki’s blog and it reminded me how I’m no good at dealing with the here and now. I am forever making plans. Okay admittedly with running you kind of do have to plan because you need to have ideas about how your going to train for that event and you need to have booked your place, so you can’t exactly be spontaneous with running but even so I’m rarely focused on the challenge thats right in front of me, I’m usually focused on the next one that will push me.

So at the moment although I have a couple of 10ks and a half marathon ahead of me my main focus is on Grim Challenge and Judgement Day! I don’t know that its a bad thing as such but I guess I’ve started to realise why I’m always seeking the next big thing. The next challenge to push myself. I get a sense of achievement from doing it and am always looking to ‘better’ myself. Its all on a personal level and I’m not entirely sure where it comes from, possibly its my head still being in a 16 year old headspace of wanting to not be the stereotypical teenage mum. Maybe its from trying to show the doubters that I can do things. Either way I do it.Quot

This year I did my second skydive. I ran my first half marathon and then 12 weeks later ran my first marathon. This weekend just gone I took part in my first mud/OCR style race and have a couple of epic ones coming up before the year is out. So I’ve achieved quite a bit I guess, and yet I’m already looking at next year. I’ve already set myself a couple of goals.

  1. Run two marathons (Ran 1 in 2014)
  2. Run eight half marathons (Will have run 4 in 2014)
  3. Complete a tough mudder
  4. Complete a Spartan race

Its only October and I already have my 2015 goals! See thats how much I look ahead! Tell me I’m not the only person already looking ahead?


2 thoughts on “New Challenges!

  1. Aw thanks for the mention! Those are fantastic challenges for next year, I know you’ve been booking races up already and I’ve no doubt you’ve enough determination to complete them. Best of luck 🙂 And yes, I too am planning my events/races/challenges for next year…

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