6 months of training planned!

This week I felt really unwell and had to skip on a couple of runs, boy did that kill me, I’m awful at admitting I can’t do a run. I would rather try than not go but I felt truly horrendous. After skipping on Tuesday and Wednesdays runs I went out Thursday instead!

However not running gave me some extra time on Wednesday to do some planning. I opened up Google Calendar and added in all my training runs for my Hal Higdon marathon training plan, I worked backwards from the marathon as my maths is awful and I couldn’t figure out when to start otherwise! Then I came up with some form of training for my current time between half marathons, its only 4 weeks so its not like I could follow a standard training plan!

I’ve also added to my calendar some strength workouts according to the Muddy Race beginners training plan, strength for me is my biggest weakness in the respect that I can’t stand strength training! If I went to the gym I’d be game for weights machines but I don’t. I find sit ups boring. Planking boring. Squatting boring. But I know with Judgement Day and Brutal fast approaching I really need to improve my upper body strength so I have to do it. And I know I’m a sucker for being stuck to what my calendar says. My first strength workout was Friday, it was hanging over me all day until I eventually did it in the evening. I knew if I didn’t do it I’d feel massively guilty! So I did it!

Novembers training

It does feel good having my training all sorted between now and April does feel a tad daunting, thats 6 months of training planned basically! And also incredibly organised, it wouldn’t have happened had I not had that morning of non running. Its kind of nice knowing I don’t have to think about it.

Annoyingly today I ran 10 miles and have screwed my knee right up. Its been painful a few times after runs recently but I’ve just ignored it! Today I can’t ignore it. It hurts. Alot. I’ve taken painkillers, put ice on it, and I am PRAYING to god it goes away! I’m doing the runner thing of being in denial!


3 thoughts on “6 months of training planned!

  1. Wowzers, that’s super organised. And you’re going to be busy. Weirdly, I find that I always come back faster after a few days away from running. I have my first half booked for March but currently not tracking to any formal plan other than Tuesday = sprints, Thursday = 5-7k at race pace and Sunday = Long run, getting longer. I need some of your planning skillz.

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