My favourite running apps!

Theres no doubt that running these days has evolved from when my dad used to go out with a simple stopwatch and keep his times on an excel spreadsheet. I got a garmin last xmas but prior to that I tracked my running on my nike+ app. It was easy to use and my favoured app amongst the dozens there are. So heres a few of my favourite I still use.


Endmondo has a simple interval workout on it that I use, on the occasions I can be bothered to run intervals (HATE THEM). Its uncomplicated and keeps track of my previous workouts so I can compare.


So I recently discovered you can link your garmin to strava. My Dad is a massive strava fan and is always on about beating his personal bests for segments. I hadnt used it because I dont use apps on my phone at the same time as running when I have my garmin but discovering that my garmin can link to strava opened doors for me! I am yet to sign up for the premium features and I do often disagree with the average pace that strava gives me as its often different to garmin but I like the competitiveness of trying to beat my time on ‘Segments’ and creating new ones. I’m not a speedy runner and I’ll never be top of any of those segments but its nice having that little personal best to try and beat!

Segment example
Strava also has challenges you can join


OK so its not strictly running but on the subject of apps that garmin can link to it turns out garmin and myfitnesspal are also friends! Which is really handy if your using it. However I also noted it works both ways in that if you enter a run manually onto the myfitness pal it shows up on your garmin connect list!


Now this is the most important app I think I need to tell you about, especially with nights drawing in. Glympse tracks you, enabling a loved one to see where you are. Its pretty simple. You set up a ‘Glympse’ to send by turning on your GPS and location settings, you then select the period of time you want them to track you for and then send it to a person in your contact list. So for example I can do a 12 mile run and set it for 2 hours and my folks can track where I am at all times. On their phone it comes through I believe as a website address that they simply click and can see where I am. My mum says its pretty accurate as she has used it to track me and has then watched me coming down the road and I’ve arrived at the same time as glympse says. You can send it to more than one person and I also think it could be handy for races if you have supporters trying to see where you are.



3 thoughts on “My favourite running apps!

  1. I love strava, it’s definitely helped me to focus and given me things to aim for. Not tried endomondo yet. I’d been looking for something like glimpse, will try it out next week. Thank you!

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