That OCR addiction…

In the summer I went through a really rough period and needed to do something for myself, in that insane moment I signed up for Judgement Day Team Event in December! Knowing I was doing that it made sense to look for some others. I did Fuddy Mud Sucker in October and LOVED getting caked in mud and hauling myself out of riverbeds and through bushes. I signed up to the Muddy Race Training day so I could learn how to tackle walls and this weekend took on Mens Health Survival of the Fittest. After all of these events I was on such a total high, like a complete and utter total buzz, the energy literally radiates off me and I get so excited telling everyone what the races involve and how much fun it was.

But one thing I’ve learnt is not everyone is going to support that decision I take to do these races. I’ve had mixed reactions from friends and family when I talk about these races!

My Dad has the attitude of ‘your seriously going to hurt yourself one day’ – and if I do then so be it, I’ll have done it doing something that makes me the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

Some friends see the bruises and just cringe, they can’t understand why I want to put my body through the pain. I don’t personally find the bruises that painful, unless you poke them, or the 3 year jumps on them and then of course they hurt a bit but its not a broken bone now is it!?


Others comment on how cold you must get. Theres no denying that the water during winter races hasn’t exactly been on the warm side but its never been so cold I’ve not enjoyed it! I kinda have this thing where I don’t really feel it. I did a bit at the weekend after spending a good 20 minutes walking through a storm drain and my ankles had pretty much frozen but they soon warmed up when we got out! And once you finish you get changed into warm layers ASAP. Simples!

Maybe it is a bit crazy. Maybe its a bit insane. But it makes ME happy. People can judge my decision to do it all they like but its not going to stop me from doing it. I’ll never be an elite athlete at any of these events but I enjoy every single second of them. They are my way of enjoying fitness. Whats so wrong with that? Generally I am a positive person, especially about subjects I love. There is however nothing worse than the negativity of others bringing you down! Its zapping!

I cannot wait for 2015! I already have Dirty Dozen, Spartan Race, Nuts Challenge and Dirty Weekender booked and those wont be the only ones I do. Quite frankly I’m more excited about these than I am my 3 ‘normal’ marathons! They wont be my only OCRs next year and I can’t wait to add more to the calendar.


4 thoughts on “That OCR addiction…

  1. I gave up caring what other people think a couple months ago! haha! It’s your life…wanna be able to look back and know you did everything you wanted too…because you wanted to! Don’t need any other reason! Here’s to more fun and frolics in OCR!

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