Kingston 10k – Unexpected PB!

Today I went back to a race I did a year ago, Energized Sports Kingston 10km. It was my 1st ever 10k race. I’d never run further than 7k in training and boy did I feel it. I did it in 1hr 17 minutes and was just glad to reach the finish!!! Its a small basic race and its pretty cheap to enter which is why I decided to go back.

This year I took along my Mum and both the boys to come cheer me on so we set off and made it to Kingston in record time. I left them staying warm in the car whilst I went and joined the toilet queue. In doing so I bumped into a fellow RMR lady as she spotted my hoodie! We had a chat whilst we waited and once I’d been I went back to the car to grab my stuff and get set for the start! We found another few RMR ladies and all stood ‘warming up’ together, none of us were that thrilled with the energetic aerobic workout going on! Rather handily the bag drop is right next to the start line which I really like as it meant when you finish you can grab your bag immediately. We lined up according to our rough finish time. The race started on time and we set off down the side of the football pitch, annoyingly it was really busy and so it was hard to get your pace, I felt we were just trotting along. When we got out onto the roads I took advantage of the muddy grass by the path and overtook lots of people along it.

The first few km are on residential roads as you pass Thames young mariners and Ham House before joining the river. The path was muddy and whilst plenty of people avoided the mud and ran around it I ran through it all and the puddles. I got chatting to a couple of guys who commented on my lack of fear for mud and I told them its good prep for Grim Challenge next week! I also noticed that by going through puddles I was overtaking people, always handy! We reached Kingston lock and 3 women overtook me and then promptly slowed down which pissed me right off and I quickly overtook them again. 5k came up and I clocked on my watch that it was faster than yesterdays parkrun! 5k in 30:28, that never happens! That meant I could be on track for a PB if I could keep a similar pace! Soon 6km came around and the Hawker Centre came into sight, the water stop was here, cups! I was on track for a PB and wasn’t going to waste time walking through so grabbed a cup, took 1 sip and chucked it!

The route carries on down the river, past the finish line, thats torture! Until you reach a more residential area. At this point you make the turn inland and come back up towards the finish. I was monitoring my watch and knew I was on track to get a PB or close. Anything close I would be happy with! I kept on going and managed to stay close to a guy that had just overtaken me. As we reached the main road and the 9km sign I knew I was 5 mins away from finishing! I gave myself a huge kick and picked up the pace, corrected my posture as I was starting to tire and slouch and gave it all I had. As we came around and into the hawker centre I was careful not to slip on the mud and then sprinted as fast as I could down the finishing straight. Never has a finishing straight felt as long as that one did!

Over the finish and garmin stopped and I knew I had PBd! I was hugely happy!

Last years Kingston 10k 01:17:51

Last 10km personal best 01:02:31

NEW 10km personal best 01:01:55

The medal isn’t anything to write home about, it doesn’t even have the date engraved on it which is a tad annoying, but it is a rainbow ribbon!! They handed out water, an unknown energy drink (which I turned down), banana and cereal bar. Its not the best medal, its not the best freebies, but its a good little race, extremely flat other than one little bridge and a nice, mostly traffic free route.

Would I do it again? Yes!




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