Brighton Marathon Training Starts Today!

I wrote the other week about struggling to find a training plan. Last year when I ran Edinburgh I did so on 12 weeks notice. I had run Silverstone half marathon with my brother who had a edinburgh marathon place, I was due to do the half. And then he dropped out and I decided to take his place! I found a Hal Higdon beginner plan and stuck to that. I was constantly tired, never felt rested. I didn’t feel it suited me all that well. Looking back I think I was over-training and as a result my marathon probably did suffer.

I’ve looked through a bunch of plans leading up to T-Day. And in the end I went with the Runners World Smartcoach. You input a recent time and it produces a plan for you to follow. You can choose how hard you want to train. I went for Moderate and have 3 runs a week to do. An easy run. A Speed work session which is sometimes tempo, sometimes track. And a long run. I am hoping by only doing 3 runs a week that I am going to feel more rested and won’t resent running so much. It allows time for me to still go to boxing and do some cross training. At the moment the only problem I for-see is working around races. I have a few booked, because I can’t not get my OCR fix during marathon training! So for example I have a 5k OCR the day before a 14 mile run. I’m tempted to switch the running and do the 14 mile a couple of days before the OCR. I’m yet to decide what will happen there…

I’ll be keeping a weekly diary of my marathon training again so everyone can follow how I get on and any wobbles I have!



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