24 Races for 24 Months

Occasionally I get inspired. And when I do its usually dangerous! I was looking at the races I already have booked for next year, and I was thinking about how next year will be 2 years since beautiful Matilda Mae passed away, 2 years is 24 months. So I started to wonder what it would be like to do 24 events for 24 months! And then I kind of ran with it a bit and started to find more races that didn’t clash with ones I am already doing! And suddenly I’d decided on a new challenge.

24 Events for 24 Months in 2015!

Now I’ve said events as the ones I currently have booked range from 5k Mud runs to full marathon road races. I’m setting myself the rule that to count it must involve running, aside from that more a less any distance goes. At the moment there are 3 marathons, 2 mud runs, 4 Obstacle course races, 2 normal 10k road races and 1 x 24 hour team event.

I also have a list of other races I am looking to book to reach the 24! If anyone has any suggestions for budget friendly races during 2014 ideally around London./South East then feel free to mention them! I quite fancy another half!

1 Womens only Brutal
2 Winter 10k
3 Eliminator Race – 5 Miles
4 Nuts challenge
5 Silverstone Half Marathon
6 Brighton Marathon
7 Dirty Dozen
8 Rat Race Dirty Weekender – 20 Miles – 200 Obstacles?!
9 Liverpool Marathon
10 Equinox 24 – 24 hour team relay
11 Womens Running 10k
12 Bournemouth Marathon
 13  Spartan Sprint

Other races I am eyeing up but haven’t yet booked include:

Back to the trenches
Rat Race Trailblazer
Judgement Day
London River Rat Race
Mens health survival of the fittest Half Marathon Manchester
Mens health survival of the fittest 10k London
X Runner Water Wipeout

There will be lots of different fundraising ideas happening over the course of the year and I thought rather appropriately I would set my target as £2400. Hopefully I will beat that with your help and raise valuable funds for The Lullaby Trust.

My justgiving page is https://www.justgiving.com/24Events24Months and I have set up a dedicated Facebook page HERE where you can keep track of my progress 🙂

If anyone wants to join me at any of these races give me a shout! Company is always appreciated!


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