So its been a few days since I announced my new challenge 24 events for 24 months.  Feedback has been positive so far and I even had my first donation on my justgiving page which was hugely exciting! Thank you to my wonderful running buddy for that!

Alot of people have asked how I’m planning to spread the events out. So far my calendar shows mostly that there will be blocks where I am at a race one day of a bunch of weekends, ie every sunday in June. And then theres weeks where there are gaps. Namely the summer. I’m bridesmaid for my best friend next summer and she’s not too keen on the idea of me being bruised! I’m hoping to do an OCR 22 days before the wedding, enough time to heal right?!

I think for me personally the biggest challenge will be balancing training around racing. Often you train for a specific event but when you have a bunch of events together that makes it rather hard to do! I am currently on training for marathon no1 for next year. Now obviously marathons are big races and the bulk of my training needs to relate to that. I’m on a 16 week training plan at the moment. I will then have just 9 weeks between Brighton and Liverpool … that could be interesting! In that time I have a dozen odd races including 20 miles and 200 obstacles at Rat Race Dirty Weekender! And then after Liverpool I have about 16 weeks to Bournemouth, which is kind of a better idea really! My most important goal will be to work on my strength to be able to do my best at the OCR events. Ultimate goal, to be able to get over a wall without any assistance!

In other exciting news this week the wonderful Helen has designed me a logo which is just utterly gorgeous, don’t you think?



Helen is Ellie Illustrates and she does freelance illustration and graphic design work, including blog designs! Click the button below to check her out!
Ellie Illustrates
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