Judgement Day Team Event – Race Report

Back in the summer I was talked into signing up for my first OCR. It ended up not being my first after I did Fuddy Mud Sucker and Mens Health, but even so I was excited as booking it had marked a huge turning point for me in the summer. The teams were arranged through MuddyRace.co.uk and I had asked to be in one of the fun mixed teams, luckily I ended up with my buddy Lou along with 4 lovely chaps and Molly who was doing her first ever OCR.

I arrived in plenty of time and parked up before following the people in the direction that I assumed was the start area. It was quite a walk from the car and parking did cost which I’d forgotten about, £5. Once I made it to the start area I spotted the bright green muddy race tent and headed over to meet my team! The start area was pretty compact. It consisted of a large marquee for the bag drop, a couple of tents from other websites and a catering truck. JD themselves hadnt supplied changing areas, however after the race the Muddy Race tent soon became the womens changing area!!

Our wave wasn’t due to start until 1030 so we watched as 9.30 and 10am set off carrying their tyres and sandbags! Eventually we had all our team together and got our numbers pinned on and collected our tyres and sandbags, grabbed a quick pre race pic and then made our way to the warm up. The warm up was incredibly energetic and involved pairing up which was fun and then before we knew it we were off.

I had one of the tyres first, god that was awkward! The guys seemed to find tyres easier but as a woman they were the size that they bounced against your hips if you held them on your shoulders, around the waist meant your forearms ached pretty fast. Generally I decided I hated the tyres! The sandbags weren’t so bad because you could get them around the back of your neck and use the straps and whilst you were carrying them they felt absolutely fine it was simply when you then straightened your arms again that you realised you were quite sore!

The course consisted of HILLS, like tons of hills! And hills that were all ridiculously steep, one of them we were grabbing the trees on the way up for support! A rope along some of these hills would have been mega helpful! The problem was you knew everytime you went down you had to go back up as the finish was at an ‘up’. The course had a bunch of walls which I really loved. First we came across one that must have been about 4ft or so, I very ungracefully belly flopped over it in front of all my team! Shortly after we had a 8ft wall which involved some teamwork and thinking as to how we would get the team plus bags and tyres over but we figured it out and then proceeded to use the same format for all the big walls. On the first 8ft wall we managed to overtake a bunch of teams we had caught up with and then managed to stay ahead of most of them! There was another two walls which were spaced apart over a ‘pond’. The first was another 4ft one and I managed to climb over a bit more gracefully without any assistance! The next one was an under wall which I was gutted about, I like going over!!!!! At this point there was lots of water and I just waded through it all! Once your wet then your wet!

I can’t remember if we had any other walls before we reached the final inverted wall. As well as the walls there were two barbed wire crawls which were both uphill! The mud wasn’t really sticky mud though which was a bit disappointing! It was all fairly solid! The course itself did feature plenty of boggy parts!

Overall we had a fantastic time and the team worked really well together. The event was well organised. Well signposted. Had awesome bling at the finish plus a nice buff too! Only thing I’d like to see would be a specific changing tent but other than that it was great. It was a good price and I would certainly do it again if the Judgement Day team decide to do it again!

Credit: Muddy Race

I’ve heard alot about judgement day events and I’m eyeing up a few of their events for next years 24 for 24 challenge 

Today I hurt everywhere and I’m sad it was my last race of the year but I have definitely gone out on a high!


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