Brighton Marathon Training Week 1+2

So remember I said that I’d be blogging weekly about my marathon training? Yeah I managed to forget week 1! I blame xmas! Either way heres week 1 and 2 in one post!

Week 1

Monday: 5k – Easy Pace: Yeah kind of didn’t manage the easy pace bit! Was running with a friend and felt good so pushed myself! Ended up running a 10:23 average pace which is fast for me, the runners world smartcoach had said I should do this as 12:08 … whoops! It was a nice run though and despite being at night which I HATE I managed it with the help of my friend!

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Off plan! I wasn’t supposed to do this 5k but I did! I was in a bad mood about something and needed to run it off! It helped! I also went faster than monday and averaged 9:59! Hehe!

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: 5 Mile Tempo Run 3 @ 10:30 pace.
To be honest this was the toughest run of the week. I notoriously go out fast! So to go out slower as a warm up was difficult! Usually I’d run the 10:30 in my first mile and then slow down! But I held back and then pushed through for 3 miles before easing off, it was nice to ease off! Splits were

Mile 1 – Warm up – 11:19

Mile 2 – 10:23

Mile 3 – 10:12

Mile 4 – 10:26

Mile 5 – Cool down – 11:01

Trying to keep at an even pace isn’t my forte it seems!

For week 1 my long run was supposed to be 8 miles but I was doing Judgement Day on the day and as I’d run 7.5 miles the previous week I wasn’t too concerned about skipping it!

Week 2 

This week has been really hard! I picked up a strain in my quad at judgement day from the killer hills!

Monday I rested and then planned to do boxing and then a easy 4 miles on Tuesday but that ended up being moved as my hair appointment changed! And with xmas I knew the week would be a bit messed up! So it went like this:

Monday : Rest – DOMS from JD 😉

Tuesday: 1 hour boxing

Wednesday: 4 Miles Easy : 12:08 Pace – I managed 11:19 pace. I find this 12:08 really hard to maintain on short runs! It was a struggle of a run though. I was doing it around my parents hometown and it was boring as f**k going up and down side roads and dual carriage ways! My quad also wasn’t right at all!

Thursday: Rest day – TBF It was christmas and I would have gone out for a quick jog in my new compression tights had I not had such a painful quad!

Friday: 6 Miles Speedwork 2 x 1600m @9:54
A bit of translation told me that 1600m was near enough a mile so I changed this to 2 miles at 1600m. I worked it that I ran from my parents to mine and back again to get something. The run was originally meant to be 5 miles but the route was 6 so I figured what the hell. Splits were

Mile 1 – Warming up 11:09
Mile 2 – Speed – 9:36
Mile 3- Recovery 11:26
Mile 4- Speed – 9:51
Mile 5- Recovery 11:35
Mile 6 – Cool down 10:55 (Not much of a cool down whoops, speeded up as wanted my overall time to come in under 1hr 5 mins!)

Saturday: Planned to go to parkrun to burn off some xmas calories -Overslept! Went out and did a 5k by myself with the goal of chasing my pb, smashed it by 2 minutes! Was only my 2nd ever sub 30 5k! Got it down to 27:42 – Won’t be beating that for a while! It has taught me though that when I put my mind to it I CAN run faster! I have to stop being such a lazy runner and sticking at my comfort pace!

Sunday: 9 Mile Long Run at 12:08
Actually managed this with an average of 11:43 which is reasonably close! On my splits it showed miles 4 and 7 as being just over 12 minutes and funnily enough my final mile was my fastest! It was a fairly averagely paced run between 11:19 and 11:57 mainly! Route was boring as hell, along the Thames is ok, under the M3, over the M3, 3 bridges, Thorpe Park, more thames, and lots of boring residential roads! I spent a whole mile of it daydreaming about crossing the finish line in Brighton and having my boys there, along with my mum and my 2 surrogate mummies who I hope will be there! Got a bit emotional!

Overall I feel it was a strong start to marathon training even with the quad niggle which I’m going to see my physio about. Lots of foam rollering too! Onto week 3 this week! And soon in 2015 and the start of my year of 24 Challenges to mark 24 months.


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