Brighton Marathon Training Week 3

Well this is a bit late in the week again! Whoops!

Week 3 covered the stage between christmas and new year, which also meant the boys were at home and my usual running time whilst they are at nursery and school wasn’t possible. Thankfully I have my amazing mummy on hand and she was able to have them for me.

 Run 1 : Easy Run 4 miles @ 12:08 pace

Yeah still not good at going at that pace! It averaged as 11:20 which I’m fine about. I took it at what felt an easy pace to me. It was a nice little run along the Thames and I stopped in the park to do a few burpees and push ups etc as I’m trying to do as much strength work as possible!

Run 2 : Tempo Run : 5 Miles – 1 Warm Up Mile – 3 x 10:30 pace – 1 Cool down mile


Mile 1 – 11:56 – found that really hard!
Mile 2 – 10:30 –
Mile 3 – 10:25
Mile 4 – 10:23
Mile 5 – 11:00

I quite enjoy the tempo runs. 10:30 is a pace thats outside my comfort zone and it feels good to maintain it for a while.

Run 3: 10 miles @ 12:08 

My long run of the week was supposed to be at Eton Dorney for 20k, unfortunately I was unwell on the Friday and as a result took the sensible but incredibly frustrating decision not to do the race. I have been known in the past to pass out during runs for reasons the doctors dont know. Therefore knowing there was the factor that I was weak from being unwell I knew racing it would be a dumb idea. I didn’t want to be a burden to the medical services and I envisaged that was a strong potential risk and decided to withdraw. Not an easy decision for someone as stubborn as I am!

Instead I went out on the Sunday and decided laps was going to be the sensible option especially as they meant knowing the back doubles incase I did need to cut it short. However I HATE laps! At mile 3 I was really struggling and it just felt like such an effort. I had no idea how I was going to carry on for another 7! As I neared the lap past the end of the road I contemplated popping home to nip to the loo but knew if I did I wouldn’t get back out again. I kept on going. One of the things that helped keep me going was the fact I had tweeted Julie telling her I was doing 10 miles. It was like because I had said I would do it, I had to now. I was accountable to more than just my plan!

Once I was done I was very relieved it has to be said! Its another thing ticked off! I even contemplated *briefly* carrying on to make it a half marathon distance… the lazy part of me decided against that!

Food wise being xmas and new year it wasn’t a great week but I’ve been lucky I’ve only gained 2lb. I have a stone to lose this year and although people say its hard to lose the weight when marathon training I feel like now I’m on a 3 run week plan rather than an exhausting high mileage 4 that I did last year that I don’t need to fuel so ridiculously and therefore should be able to gradually lose a few lbs. It definitely wont be fast though. Trying to get off all those sugary snacks again is really hard though!

Next weeks plan includes my first obstacle race of the #24events24months challenge! Muscle Acre in Guildford for 10k, my plan had said 6 miles so … well its 6 miles, just with some mud, and tyres, and monkey bars thrown in right?!



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