#24Events24Months – Pushing my limits

So taking on these 24 events hasn’t been a worry free undertaking. So I thought I’d share some of my concerns with you about some of these events.

Eliminator Race – This is an unknown race, its new, now the promo video quite frankly terrifies me! Stuck in the mud comes to mind!

Nuts Challenge – This recently got voted the toughest course! Need I say anymore?!

Brighton Marathon – I have high hopes for this and I really hope I manage to do everyone proud and smash my PB. I’m praying I enjoy it more than I did Edinburgh, if not its going to make the following 2 even harder!

Dirty Dozen – I’m excited about this and also terrified. I’ve been watching all the videos that Doug makes on youtube and I know that many of these obstacles are going to really test me. But thats what this challenge is about! Pushing myself!

Tough Mudder- I know theres a number of obstacles that involve being submerged. I am not good at the whole submerged thing. It stems back from a bad memory when I was in year 6 at school. I’m even worse at being submerged and having to go underneath something. If anyone has suggestions for getting over this I’d love to hear them!

Dirty Weekender – I’m mega excited about this but also rather nervous about it, its going to be absolutely EXHAUSTING. 20 miles – 200 obstacles? Don’t get me wrong I’m pretty fit, but thats something else right?

Liverpool Marathon – This is only 8 weeks after Brighton Marathon, which means I won’t have been able to do a full training plan. I am quite worried how that will affect things. I’m also concious that after Edinburgh it took about a month before I recovered anyway!

Spartan Sprints x 2! – For these I really have to get practicing burpees! I know of a few obstacles that I can’t ever imagine being able to complete! The rope climb, how an earth do you practice that?! Monkey bars I am bound to fail at! I’ve heard so much about these races but I’m also terrified!

Zombie Race – Imagine the scene, a thorpe park horror maze, a terrified 18 year old and a poor chap in front of her being almost strangled by how tightly she was hugging onto his jacket! I HATE anything that makes me jump or jumps out at me, or is generally scary. Being chased by zombies is like my idea of HELL! I am expecting to scream!

The thing is with all these challenges is I can push myself and face these fears. But for families who have been affected by SIDS they wake up every day and their worst fear is a reality. Their baby died. Nothing will bring them back. The Lullaby Trust support those families as well as funding vital research into SIDS. Please help me in my fundraising efforts by sponsoring me at my justgiving page or text donating via the details below.

Thank you!



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