Brighton Marathon Training Week 7

So this week was another week that was a bit ‘off plan’. It went a bit like this.

Monday: (Usually a rest day) 10km – It was my birthday and I wanted to run, so I did! I contemplated chasing my PB but decided against it as I hadn’t slept very well the night before and knew I’d be exhausted the rest of the day if I tried. It was a nice plod averaging 10:57 and gave me some much needed thinking time.

Tuesday: This was meant to be an easy run day and up until 5pm it was going to be when my childcare changed and it meant I couldn’t go. The annoying part was I’d really contemplated it in the morning but felt a bit rough from the previous nights over indulgence and decided I’d wait until the evening! Lesson learned, go when you can!!!

Wednesday: The actual easy run! 3.1 miles averaging 10:37 which I was pleased with. It was a bit of a ‘i’m stressed and trying to figure things out’ run which is why it was a bit faster than it was meant to be!!!

Thursday: Speedwork – 6 miles – 4 x 10:29

The four miles were as follows. 10:01, 10:18, 10:17, 10:18 – I was pretty pleased with these, especially how consistent they were! A bit faster than they are meant to be but thats ok it wasn’t too far off it, just the fact I managed to stay that steady is impressive for me!

Friday: A much needed rest day – but for the second time of the week I did a Yoga for runners video I have found on youtube.

Saturday: 13 miles :

Originally this was going to be 10. Then for some silly reason I thought no I’ll do 13, its only 3 more! My head however wasn’t in it at all and until about mile 7 I was contemplating just turning around and going home! And then at mile 10 the rain had started and was stinging my face with how cold it was. I was a wimp and called my mum to come and collect me, except she didn’t answer her phone, even after the 3rd call! So I remembered a motto I picked up from one of my instagram followers ‘Suck it up buttercup’ and thats what I did. I sucked it up and finished. 13 miles in 2hrs 35. Not my fastest for that distance but I was satisfied.

Sunday: London Winter Run 10k

Well originally this was going to be an ‘easy run’ … that was until the starting gun went off and suddenly I was running for Tilda, for Lullaby Trust and wanted to do everyone proud, so I pushed as hard as I could and ended up with a 55second PB! Still not sub 60 but ever closer! Now stands at 1:01:04! Read the full report here.

This coming week is a ‘gentle’ week although it includes the 5 mile Eliminator Race! Wish me luck! 



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