Brighton Marathon Training Week 8

So after last Sundays PB on the day after I’d done a 13 mile run, Monday was firmly a rest day! My calf felt incredibly tight so I didn’t do anything other than a bit of foam rollering. My plan this week was a ‘Easy week’.

Tuesday I was meant to run 6 miles however my calf felt like it had a knot in it and knowing my history of that I decided not to push it too far. I managed 4 miles in the snow instead, was a good test for my trail shoes but further aggravated a blister I had on my toe that then turned into a blood blister!

Thursday I ran 6 miles, I chose the Long Walk in Windsor. Parking at Bishopsgate and running down to Windsor Castle and back again. Very straight and slightly hilly so it was ideal training, I need to do some gentle hills. Its not the most inspiring route but it serves a purpose!

Friday was a running rest day but I did a HIIT 20 minute workout and then some yoga, I didn’t think that I’d worked all that much but when I woke up Saturday I had DOMS! Not what I needed going into The Eliminator Race but as you’ll see from my race report and video we still had fun. Its safe to say Sunday I had DOMS on top of my DOMS! Everything hurt! But sometimes you need to run! It was one of those, if I don’t run I won’t calm down moments and so I ignored the DOMS and off I went. 5k averaging 10:28 so quite speedy for me but wasn’t uncomfortably slow!


I don’t have any big events now for the month of February with the focus firmly being on Brighton marathon!

Oh and I also got a mention on Marathon Talk this week on their Rate my run segment!

After running 13 miles for marathon training on Saturday I didn’t expect to PB at the Winter Run in London. However I put on my charity vest, thought about the beautiful baby who’s memory I am running in and dug deep. Tomorrow is 2 years since she passed away and the least I can do is withstand a bit of discomfort to run hard in her memory. I knocked 55 seconds off my personal best and thought of beautiful Matilda all the way around. Sudden infant death took her too soon aged just 9 months. Running in her memory is a true honour.


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