Brighton Marathon Training : 55 days to go (Week 9)

So week 9 wasn’t a brilliant week. But thats ok. That happens. (Or at least I’m trying to tell myself that!)

Easy Run on Tuesday went ok, faster than the pace Smart Coach dictates it but thats nothing new.

Wednesday I planned to try a group cycling class but it got cancelled so instead I brought a Davina HIIT DVD. Was suprised how much I enjoyed doing it, going to aim to do it at least once a week.

Thursday was 7 miles – 5 @ 10:29. I always find the slower warm up mile really hard, I just feel so awkward! I managed the 5 quite easily and then a nice cool down mile. I had one mile that was super fast as I was envisaging finishing the marathon, having my kids there to see it, getting that medal around my neck and knowing I’m running it for beautiful Matilda Mae and the Lullaby Trust and knowing that I’ll cry when I finish.

Friday was a rest day which was lucky as my youngest has a stinking cold and had barely slept.

Saturday was my long run. I had planned to do 16 miles. For the first 10 miles I felt pretty damn good. Splits for the first 8 miles started with an 11 which was great and I felt nice and steady and strong. So good that I wasn’t paying that much attention to fuelling which I think is where things went horribly wrong. Shortly after mile 10 I started to feel mega faint. This has happened to me before on runs and I hate it. I sat down and had a couple of dextrose tablets but I couldnt properly shake it. I had met up with a friend and managed to run/walk/occasionally sit on the floor and get rid of the light-headedness another 3 miles before I called it a day. I could have pushed on but I’d have been stupid to do so. I was exhausted from little man not sleeping properly and clearly hadn’t fuelled correctly either. Lessons learnt!

Its hard not to feel despondent and down after a crap run where you didn’t reach your target. But I got chatting with some people on twitter, I wasn’t the only one who had had a bad run that day and it was good to chat about some of the reasons why it had gone wrong. I really have to look at my fuelling and come up with a better breakfast strategy too I think. Theres still a few weeks until the marathon so theres time yet.

Mentally its quite a tough battle. I have a goal I want to reach. A beautiful reason for wanting to run these marathons. Its just convincing my body to keep on going no matter how tired it feels!



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