Planning fuel and nutrition on long runs!

So after my hideous blood sugar crash on Saturday I figured its time to sort out fuelling on my runs. Last year I used SIS gels which were fine on training runs but when it came to the big day after 3 hours of gels my stomach couldn’t take anymore and I threw up, not fun!

This year I knew gels were a big no no for me. I’ve been using  handful of jelly babies but as the runs get longer these just aren’t enough. So having done some reading up on how to use Clif Shot Blocks correctly I’m going to try and be better about using them!

The website recommends having 3 15 minutes before activity and then 3-6 an hour. I’ve used a runners world calculation on how much carbohydrate I need per hour and from there I’ve calculated 4 shot blocks an hour, so going to space that out.

I’m going to give this formula a try on Sunday and see how I get on! Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Planning fuel and nutrition on long runs!

  1. I am currently using SiS gels and Gus for my long runs, although the furthest I’ve run is 3.5hrs for marathon training. I’m going to try adding some jelly babies next time as something different. I tried shot blocks for a half last year but didn’t like them. Everyone is different though!

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