Brighton Marathon Training : 48 days to go (Week 10)

Week 10 was half term which meant things were never going to go quite to plan. What didn’t help was having a poorly little man for the week so sleep was quite sporadic. My confidence had also been knocked massively by my *almost passed out* run last weekend!

Tuesday I was scheduled to do 3 miles according to my plan but I wanted to just run and run and run. My head wasn’t in a very good place, can’t remember why not! But something had happened and I was stressed! I decided to go over to windsor great park as I keep telling myself I need more hills practice so I parked up outside Savill Garden and didn’t really plan a route I just kind of ran! I ended up doing 6.5 miles with a 10:32 average pace! As you can see it was quite hilly!



Wednesday my eldest son requested we go out for a run so I did a little 2km with him and then came home and did some strength work.

Thursday I had planned to go out first thing in the morning before we headed off for a day out, but the forecast wasn’t great so we decided we would go out first and I’d run in the afternoon again. I spent the day absolutely dreading it. I just really did not fancy it. Even with my new #TeamRed UKRunChat tshirt to wear! Eventually though I got myself out the door. It was supposed to be a speedwork session with 1600m speed and 800m recovery but I decided to be kind to myself and just go for a steady run. It averaged 10:35 which I was pleased with as I had been trying to stick to 10:30 as much as possible.

Friday was supposed to be a rest day. But I found out at lunchtime that my Great Aunt had passed away and it had triggered my anxiety in a bad way and I knew the only thing that would calm me down would be to go for a run so I popped my trainers on and headed out the door for a 5k. Nothing fast, nothing special but one that was needed. Averaged 10:09 pace!

Saturday I rested and got ready for Sundays 18 miles in Brighton! One thing that I did differently this week was to make a concious effort to eat more carbs in the lead up to the long run. Friday night was pasta, Saturday lunchtime was a baked sweet potato, Saturday evening was pasta again. This week I was pulling out all the stops not to have to cut my run short thanks to feeling faint! I knew I needed my take a shot block every 20 minutes.

I woke up Sunday to a nice frost in Brighton. I hadn’t packed gloves or a buff so I wasn’t very pleased at the sight of it! But I pulled on my big girl pants and sucked it up. The weather was dry and there were 5 extra miles to be done before I started Brighton Half Marathon. I timed them so that I would finish them and arrive at the start with just enough time for a toilet break and then I’d be off. It worked out well. For the first 5 I didn’t take any shot blocks but did have some sports beans. Once I started the half I was religious about taking the shot block every 20 minutes and low and behold there was no passing out. I managed 18 miles in just under 3 hours 30 minutes which I am THRILLED about. Average pace being 11:38! Faster than my long runs are meant to be but it showed me I can run a fab pace when I put my mind to it! The first 5 I’d been really slow and held back to try and not burn out. And then when the half started I was determined to keep the 2:30 pacer behind me as long as I could and I managed it until about mile 9 when she got ahead (she was however the most erratic pacer I’d ever encountered but thats another story!), my Brighton half chip time was 2:32, not my worst half marathon  time and I’m pleased with it as I wasn’t ‘racing’ it!

That 18 mile run has given me my confidence back. I’m really pleased with how it went and am also mega shocked at the pace and time that I did it in.





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