The Nuts Challenge – 7km – #24Events24Months

Well its safe to say anyone who follows my facebook page will know that I was absolutely terrified of this race. I couldn’t quite pinpoint why I was so nervous although the fact it had won the award for Toughest Course at the Mudstacle awards probably hadn’t helped things! Then seeing that the water slide I was dreading had been extended…. all little things that probably messed with my head!

We arrived nice and early and set off to collect our packs and watch the first couple of waves head off. Watching them as they headed over the first hay bales and then down the field and off into the unknown! Once they had gone we went to check out Hamburger hill and watch the leader plunge into the water! … It didn’t do anything to help encourage me! Once we had seen that we headed back to the car to get our race gear on and get ready to go. The cars are parked about 5-10 minute walk away depending on how fast you walk!

By the time we were both dressed we had just enough time to dash to the loo, pop bags in the bag drop and keys at the key drop and then it was time to go! A quick warm up which as usual was more like some aerobics class and thus I chose not to knacker myself out before I had even started and then we were off! Down some nice muddy fields and then back around to go over the first haybales. The obstacles have all kind of blended into one. There was plenty of things to climb over, gates, logs. Lots of stream crossings, often down steep banks that involved sliding in on your bum and being helped out the otherside by some kind fellow. 11034344_865127743528328_6999171959761869684_o

The things that stuck in my mind are:

  • The firemans pole – I had been dreading it and it was as bad as expected. I’m not sure how high it is but it felt like it was about 3 storeys tall! I got up there, sat there a while freaking out before deciding I wasn’t doing it, then my friend shouted up at me I was doing this for Tilda, and I knew I couldn’t climb back down that cargo net, there was only one way I was allowed to go and that was down the pole. So again I sat there. Staring at it. Stood up and wrapped my leg around, sat back down, shed a few tears. And then suddenly I was on the ground with adrenaline coursing through my body and jelly legs! I don’t remember making the decision to finally do it. I don’t even remember going down. I’m 90% certain I screamed loudly although as I say I literally do not remember it!
  • Barrels up a slope – thats what I’m going to call them! They are literally a long tube with a rope in it, going up a steep slope. I was certain I wouldn’t be able to get up but with a bit of advising and coaxing from a marshall I managed it, I really do not know how!
  • Tyre wall – I felt so unsafe on this. I just couldn’t get a good grip and trying to get over the top without feeling like you were going to fall didn’t go so well!
  • Hamburger hill water slide – I had been dreading this one too. I hate going underwater, until that point I’d been splashed in the face but hadn’t gone under. I knew this was an inevitability on this obstacle though. I sat at the top and Helen told me she was going to count me down or she would push me. She got to 3 and I went myself. I needed to be in control of it and weather I was ready or not it was going to happen so I decided to just go. I shoved my hand over my nose and promptly flew off the end and went under bum first. I had a few moments panic trying to find the surface, probably mere seconds, and then I was up and searching for the out! 10842194_865127443528358_4294298024568813346_o

There were however a few hilarious moments including laughing at myself when I attempted to stand up having slid down a hill on a tyre and my feet went from beneath me and I landed on my back!

I can’t say I enjoyed it, I’m not certain why. I think maybe because it tested my fears to the maximum, but thats exactly the point of doing this challenge, its not all about being fun! Its about trying my absolute best. I can however say I tackled every single obstacle and completed them all. I didn’t walk around a single one and for that I am proud.

Will I be back at nuts? Yes. I have unfinished business. Maybe now I know what is coming I’ll enjoy next time more. Who knows!

This ticked off event 5 of my 24 during 2015 to raise money for the Lullaby Trust in memory of the beautiful Matilda Mae who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly aged 9 months from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. A healthy baby who went to sleep one night and never woken up, a beautiful angel in the sky. The Lullaby Trust support the research and families affected by SIDS. Please do donate if you can. Thank you.



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