Brighton Marathon – 30 days to go!

I think its safe to say I’ve massively slacked off on the blogging front! I’m going to blame uni work!

So anyway! 30 days to go … thats like less than a month now! I may be starting to have a bit of a freakout!

Last weekend I took on the Nuts Challenge which although only 7km broke me for the sheer amount of mud and obstacles! However because I’m bonkers, on Tuesday when I still had aches from Saturday I set out for a 20 mile run. I felt that I needed to do the distance to mentally tick it off! It wasn’t pretty and in a way it may have been a good thing doing it when already aching because it meant that I did take it slow and steady rather than going out hard as I quite often do. It was a massive struggle. I fuelled ok I think. Shot blocks definiately work better for me, although by mile 19 I was starting to feel like something solid would be nice. I think I may try carrying a cereal bar with me on my next 20, I don’t want a repeat of Edinburgh Marathons vomitting session!  Water is still a bit of an issue. I struggle to pace it out.

Generally though I’m *sort of* feeling as ready as I’m ever going to be I think. This week is going to be a 40 mile week, next week will be roughly 30 I think and then its time to taper off almost! I’m anxious about the taper period. I know I’ll get that whole maranoia of ‘because I’m not running as far I’m going to lose all my fitness’ but I also know its so important to go into the race with fresh legs!

Chatting with one of my friends this week we were talking about being ready mentally. We were talking about how we both felt we had the mental strength that no matter what happened we would cross the finishing line even if we were crawling. I remember last year at Edinburgh towards the end it was just one foot in front of the other. Inching my way there. But I made it. And hopefully this year I’ll make it feeling even stronger!


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