Not part of the marathon plan!

All winter I have been massively smug at not getting so much as a sniffle. My youngest has been ill numerous times and ive not caught any of his nasty nursery bugs and have remained perfectly healthy. That was until this weekend when on Saturday evening I came down with an almighty cold which has floored me. 😦

With less than 2 weeks to go now until Brighton marathon and my confidence low anyway this is the last thing I needed. It hasnt yet gone onto my chest so thats good but my ears are threatening to turn into an infection I think which would be less than ideal.

Feeling so crap has meant sleeps not exactly happening which is hampering my recovery too I reckon. Im drinking loads, lots of vitamin C, cold and flu meds that arent touching it and generally praying this buggers off sooner rather than later.

If anyone has any magic cures for painful sinuses and ears I’d love to hear them?!


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