Brighton Marathon – Its here!!!!

How the heck has this come around so damn fast?! It feels like only yesterday that training began! Its been a rollercoaster generally going with the first half being all up and looking positive and then peaking at 20 miles and since then its all gone to pot with training courses taking up unexpected time and holidays, illness getting in the way! I haven’t been running anywhere near as much as I would like to have the past 3 weeks but I guess at least I won’t be overtrained.

I’ve trained for this marathon on 3 runs a week, purposefully because I felt when I did Edinburgh last year I was never getting recovery time from runs and went into the race already tired and that just spelled disaster on so many levels. So this time I am definitely going in the opposite. I had some awesome strong runs during those 3 runs a week, following the pattern of long run, recovery run, speed/tempo run. I could feel myself getting stronger, but that now feels a distant memory and I’m left wondering how the heck I am going to manage 26.2 on Sunday.

I am conscious its as much mental as it is physical and I know I have the mental strength and stubbornness to get through the race. If I cross the start line I won’t stop until I’ve crossed the finish. But what happens in between could be incredibly messy. I know towards the end I’ll get emotional, thats if I don’t to begin with! I cried during my last run on Thursday as I thought about having my family there to see me finish. When I did Edinburgh last year I only had my dad and he only saw me at mile 26! This time around I’m going to have my kids there, parents and friends and that means the absolute world to me! But will also spell plenty of tears no doubt!

The bags are packed. The vest is ready. All thats left to do now is get to Brighton, collect race number, carb load, sleep and then run 26.2 miles! Easy … right?

Of course I’m not just doing it for any old reason, I’m doing it for Matilda Mae, Jennie and family, The Lullaby Trust and all those touched by SIDS. Please do donate. I’m so close to £500, it would feel amazing to break that this weekend! – or you can text donate as below:




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