Coming back from injury

Pretty much since Brighton Marathon in April I’ve been injured. Initially I ignored it until May. I put it down to the fact that I hadn’t rested much post marathon with OCRs in the weeks following and just thought it was overuse, but it started to become apparent at OCRs that my quad was no longer taking my weight on landing from jumps as it should and eventually I text my physio and got checked over. He took one look at it and diagnosed a tear.

My physio has known me 15 years so when he tells me I can’t run he knows theres a good chance I will! And I did. Not reguarly but occasionally when it started to feel good I’d pop out and test it and then ruin it. And I continued to ‘race’ although due to the injury at no event was I able to go out hard. Hills were a big problem and I had to be sensible about which obstacles I tackled, occasionally taking the sensible option not to do walls if the landing was very hard or from height.

A couple of weeks ago we agreed it was starting to look a bit better but that a Autumn marathon I had booked wasn’t really realistic and so I’m currently looking for a buyer for that place! Its hard making that decision as I loved bournemouth half last year and I was so excited about taking on a full but I never should have run Liverpool injured and I did. I wouldn’t be able to be anywhere near fit enough for Bournemouth and I’d rather spend autumn working on speed and building up distance so I’m in top shape ready for training to commence for Brighton marathon at christmas.

Last week my physio agreed to me running one 5k a week. The relief to hear I’m allowed was immense! I may be pushing that permission this week but over the next two weeks I won’t be able to train so I figure it evens out!

I’ve been lucky that life has provided plenty of distractions so I’ve not fallen into any depression. But it has been hard. Running is what got me off anti depressants. Its what keeps my depression and bad days at a distance. Not being able to run has been tough but I’ve managed. And soon I’ll be able to start running 3 times a week again and regain that bit of my identity that I feel I’ve lost.

Injury sucks.


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