#24Events24Months Challenge Update

Well life has taken some unexpected turns this year and left me blogging much less, as you can see from the date of the last blog post! I’ve even slacked off on writing up my race reports! So I thought I’d run down a quick summary of my races!

Pukka Races World War Run
June 28th

The day after London Pride was World War Run, this year it was being run on part of the Nuts Challenge course for the first time. It was a really great race other than some mega queuing which added about an hour onto our time which was a bit gutting. I wrecked my legs wearing shorts and ended up throughly grazed and battered. I managed to conquer a couple of fears with the tyre walls too!

11750649_10155892064730374_7857928449851030400_n 11745750_10155892064250374_4549160846634192948_n

Muscle Acre – Summer Madness
July 12th

Muscle Acre was one of the first OCRs I did this year as part of the challenge and I was excited to return. They had changed the course a bit and added in a few new obstacles. I didn’t beat my course PB but as I was running injured I wasn’t too disappointed. Just completing with a tear in my quad I think is enough! I’m looking forward to returning for their November event! Sign up here!

11722326_1609029532670059_6390828038446013572_o 11754316_1609030146003331_8048485475179027252_o 11412024_1609030799336599_5964494941899524280_o 11780012_1609031309336548_5405799343928977107_o

Mudnificient 7
1st August

This was one of the races that came with the Gold Subscription package for ORM magazine. Generally I’d been relatively excited about this as it seemed like a cool concept. Sadly I was quite disappointed by most of the areas and it didnt encourage me to sign up for any of the races that were there. I really hope next year will feature different races! There were certainly some ‘different’ obstacles including a tunnel filled with raw meat or vegetables – seriously! But I think although I have no desire to do the race I found the Bear Grylls section was my favourite as it had some proper walls! I’m a sucker for a good wall!

11223888_10155973554915374_2177265172310073274_o 11845090_10155973556310374_5543743042693965183_o

Nuts Challenge 
5th September 

I’ve run Winter Nuts, Pukka Races at Nuts and neither I particularly enjoyed. The course features a few obstacles I really hate. Things that I find tough and would just rather not face. But after a long hard thing I decided to take on Summer nuts and with an awesome team around me I actually enjoyed the course for the first time. I didn’t manage to face the firemans pole this time but I did manage the water slide without too much of a freak out. I had to let the team go ahead and then managed to talk myself down it but I did it! I will be back there in December for Judgement day team event!

The final few events:

  • Spartan Beast
  • Judgement Day Bordon
  • Nuclear Races
  • Muscle Acre
  • Mens Health Survival of the Fittest
  • Judgement day team event 

Due to injury I haven’t been able to train or run reguarly so my next event, the Spartan Beast, is weighing heavily on my mind. Wales Spartans were incredibly hilly and mentally drained me. I suspect the course for the beast may be similar and the distance is bugging me too. As long as I make it round I’ll be satisfied but I wont be able to give it my full fitness and thats annoying!

Please don’t forget to donate a few pennies onto my justgiving page if you can afford to. Recent research has shown a rise in SIDS and the Lullaby Trust are still funding researching and supporting the families affected.




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