We aren’t all positive!

This coming Sunday is the Spartan Beast. For various reasons I have been dreading it. Not helped by Spartan messing around with wave times a few months ago they have now 5 days before the event told everyone who starts after lunchtime they need a head torch…. 5 days before?! Now I know a lot of people who don’t have more than a few pennies to their name this week as payday isn’t until next week, they are now being expected to fork out, for some people its not possible!

I was less than thrilled at being moved to a later time anyway as its a Sunday race thats ‘London South’ – BULLSHIT is it?! I live in West London. This is 2.5 hours drive away from West London, it is anything but London south, it is south of the damn country almost as far as you can go. Sunday races I always choose early wave times to be able to get home as I have to work first thing monday morning.

Currently if I meet their expected 8hr time then I won’t be finishing until around 7.30/8.30pm. We then have a further 2.5 hour drive home. I won’t be back much before midnight by the time you’ve allowed for the fact we will need to eat.

The race itself I have no issue with. What I have issue with is late start times and moving goal posts.

What I take even greater issue with is those who think its ok to attack people who are being negative. Not all of us are made of hard stuff and not all of us are fit and in the early waves. Discussing today with an OCR buddy we decided that these people tended to fall into two camps. 1) They were in some way affiliated with Spartan or 2) they were fit enough that the potential obstacle of racing at night doesn’t affect them.

I personally have never done a night race and would never choose to do one.

Rant. Over.



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