Hello 2016

Well its been a long time without blogging. Its now the 3rd month of 2016 and I hadn’t written anything on here! For all of January I don’t think I even thought about my blog! Towards the late part of February I started considering coming back to it. And here we are 8th of March and I’m actually writing something!

Theres been so much going on over the past few months. Not least the fact I’ve found my love of road running again. In late 2015 I injured my back, it turns out my hips were misaligned, my lower spine has too much of a curve and it was affecting the muscles around it. Since seeing a Chiropractor for 3 weeks thats been feeling a million times better! But what it did mean was that from the time I injured it at the beginning of December until end of January I didn’t do anything in the gym, any lifting or twisting was a no. But running felt ok, so I started to get back out there regularly. And then I just got nervous about going back to the gym!

Because I was half marathon training it was easy to feel like I didn’t ‘need’ the gym. But part of me wanted to go back because I’d been loving it so much! At the end of January my gym ran a 6 week course and that was the motivation for me to step back in the gym having avoided it for so long. Since then I’ve got the bug back!

So what else? Well I ran Brighton Half Marathon and knocked 8 minutes off my personal best as well as running my first ever sub 60 10k in the first 6.22 miles! I’ve been trying for 3 years to get a sub 60 10k and never managed it! Wasn’t exactly thrilled I did it during a half marathon as kind of feels I can’t celebrate it as much but it shows I can do it! Now to knock that out solo!

This weekend I did the Nuts Challenge. I was dreading it. I haven’t been near mud or cold since doing JD goes Nuts in December and I had zero desire to get muddy and cold. The weather conditions did nothing to help my mood prior to the start. But with my friends hugs and gentle encouragement she got over the start line and once I got going I was determined we would make the finish line! And we did. But I have no desire to get muddy and cold again any time soon. I am praying that my next OCR which is booked for April is much warmer, or I may be transferring the place! Road running is where my heart lies at the moment. You don’t get cold and wet and near on hypothermic. You don’t end the race shivering so much you can barely speak! Why did I ever think OCR was fun?!

Last week I also made a decision after 5 weeks of marathon training to transfer my place to someone else. I’ve got a lot going on in my life at the moment which is taking up a great deal of my time and thoughts. Its nothing thats going to change or ease off anytime soon and it was going to start impacting training. I was already dreading the mental battle of long runs and I knew I’m not mentally strong enough for the marathon distance at the moment. Its so much more mental than it is physical for me quite often. I’m content that I’ve made the right decision. I’m going to book a few more half marathons instead. Its a distance I’m happier with and it doesn’t require such mental strength for me.

Will I be blogging more regularly? Who knows!


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