Fitness: Fact or Fiction

This morning I woke up to the below image going viral around a number of Facebook groups I am in. I read the comments on a few of the different threads and couldn’t get over how much they were contradicting each other.


But then I thought about it. And I realised that the fitness industry is full of contradictory information. I’ve had the discussion with some of my instructor friends about how every personal trainer will advise you differently. Some will tell you fats are good, some will tell you they are bad. Some will say never eat carbs. Others will tell you you need them to have energy to exercise.

Its no wonder really that women are trying insane methods to lose weight and trying tons of them, never really giving anything a chance to actually work. Changing after a week or so because they don’t think its working and so they move on. I’ve heard from a few people recently about a ‘cheaper’ than the Cambridge diet facebook diet that takes them down to 600kcal! Now in my opinion that is just MENTAL! I eat that in one meal!

Most importantly we need to learn to give things a chance and learn what works for our bodies! The word diet needs to be thrown out! Don’t get me wrong theres nothing wrong with watching what you eat but you don’t have to rigidly stick to living off cabbage!

PicMonkey Collage

In a slow (and im not going to deny frustrating) 4 years I have gone from being well over 13st to close to 10. None of that has happened doing any silly diets. Simply by exercising more and eating less. Stopping the habits of eating a family size chocolate bar in one sitting, and numerous take aways a week. I’ve learnt to love the gym, and even started enjoying lifting weights. Last September I stepped into my first ever gym class and since then I’ve become a total class addict! I push myself harder in classes than I do in the gym on my own. I have good weeks and bad weeks. But most of all I’ve learnt to take everything ‘experts’, facebook and the media tell me with a pinch of salt.

Find what works for you, stick to that!


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