Letting go


For a while now I’ve not logged into my @Simply_Hayley account on twitter for months. I returned to it this week and I spent a few days returning to the timeline every now and then. Seeing how things have changed for people I once knew well. People I used to spend days chatting with. Who I would meet at parent blogging events. People I considered friends.

Don’t get me wrong some of those people are still in my life, some of them are still friends. But many of the accounts followed from that account were all just parent blogging focused, competitions, requests for RTs and followers, link dumps. And none of that is my world anymore. I don’t write about the achievements of my boys. Or the highs and the lows of parenting. I don’t write about their first days at school or their passion for paw patrol! And equally I’m just not fussed reading that stuff. I am still a parent. 24/7. It is still the part of my life that takes up my most time. That I put most of my time and energy into. But its not a part of my life I am happy to share with the world anymore.

I set up my @Simply_Hayley twitter handle 7 years ago. I would have been 19 then. It was the early days of my blog. I can remember being so excited when it reached 100 followers, 500, 1000, and so on. At one time it had 5000 followers. Those numbers mattered. They were important to PRs. They showed a reach. They showed you had a voice.

But none of those numbers matter to me anymore. And so after a few days thinking about it I decided to deactivate that account. Part of me was quite anxious about doing it. I suppose over time you become quite attached to these things. Its an account that holds a lot of memories. But its just two words. One small bit of the internet that was my own.

So now instead if you want to read what I’m up to on a day to day basis try me at @runhg24 or if your on snapchat I am hales.g90 on there!


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