Pole Fitness – 3 months in

About three months ago my friend Rachel from Rachs Place put on facebook she had signed up for a pole fitness class, I’d been wanting to go and try one again so asked if I could tag along. A few years ago I had tried a 6 week course at the gym round the corner from me but I hadn’t particularly enjoyed the way it was taught, too much emphasis on ‘sexiness’ which for me was not why I was doing it and not something I naturally am! So I tentatively went along to this different place to see what it was like.

PicMonkey Collage

From that first week I was hooked, the teacher was lovely and friendly. Encouraging but not to the stage that it felt fake. When she encouraged me to attempt to invert on the first week and I did actually manage it I shocked myself!


Since then I have been pretty much every week with the exception of the week following both my recent tattoos just to allow extra healing time as they are on my arms and would have got bashed, and the week after Rat Race Dirty Weekend as I was still recovering. But the weeks I don’t go I hate it!


I’ve got to know the various faces who attend the classes. I’ve learnt where the bruises are most likely to appear. I’ve learnt that some weeks it will be more painful than others. I’ve learnt some people are naturally graceful, others aren’t … I’m not! I’ve learnt I’m more flexible than I thought I was. I’ve learnt the only barriers are the ones I put up, I can do more than I realise!

I love seeing myself progress, feeling myself getting stronger, making moves look better, feeling more secure.


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