The next big goal

This year I decided not to run a marathon. I had one booked but realised that I needed to put time and effort into other areas of my life and my head wasn’t really in it. Its a decision I am still happy with.

However I’m more a less now going to be training for one anyway! Whoops!

At the start of September I will be taking on Rat Races Man V Mountain

This legendary mountain adventure race starts at sea level in the stunning Caernarfon Castle and weaves its way to the summit of Snowdon and down the other side into Dinorwic Quarry where we’ve thrown in an array of punishing obstacles, including the infamous Vertical Kilometre, for you to tackle before you can cross the finishline victorious.

22 Miles and 5055 ft – for someone who lives in the flattest area of Surrey this is going to be a painful race! I don’t like hills, I avoid them at all costs, I have an allergy to them pretty much! And yet I am going to be taking on an event which is basically one giant hill!

Between now and the race I don’t have that much in terms of obstacle races planned, which is odd for me! And so I am going to be able to focus on my training. First I have to get my training plan sorted out though. The one that Rat Race provide is done in minutes, I’ve always had an issue with this as I am a slower runner so won’t cover the same distance a faster runner would. I’d rather have a plan in miles! But its something I need to research more!

In the meantime I’m just going to start panicking about it!


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