Gym Bugbears

I’ve been a member of a gym now for almost a year. Its not the first time I’ve been a gym member but it is the first time I have actually stuck with attending a gym. The first time I have attended gym classes. The first time I’ve made friends at the gym.

But over a year you learn alot about other people.

Such as the guy who comes into the studio every week at the same time as you and your friends and makes the most insane noises during his workout.

Then theres the guy who in a very quiet weights room who feels the need to grunt and groan incredibly loudly whilst using the resistance machines!

Oh and what about the equipment hoggers?! The ones who take up a whole bunch of machines for their workout and won’t allow anyone else to use them!

What about the ones who leave their weights equipment on the floor rather than putting it away! I walked into the small studio at my gym yesterday and there were weights, medicine balls, kettle-bells everywhere! It annoyed the crap out of me so I put it all away!

The class chatters – if you come to a class then listen to the instructor and actually do some work rather than stand there chatting to your mate and ignoring what the instructor said so they have to repeat it again!

And on that note, those who come to classes and just completely ignore what the instructor tells them and just do their own workout and seem to do nothing the instructor says?

Those on their phones in the gym having conversations. I have no issue with those texting, but I was on the rower and a woman was stood at the mirror ‘doing weights’ except she had her neck bent to one side and spent the whole 20 minutes having a very loud conversation on her phone!

Don’t get my wrong. I love the gym. Its become my happy place. But some people really need educating in gym etiquette and general manners sometimes!


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