Falling out of love with OCR

For a while now I’ve been aware I have fallen out of love with mud. I don’t know if doing so many events last year just meant I no longer appreciated it. Or if I just didn’t enjoy it anymore. But I was conscious how much I didn’t want to do it anymore.

This weekend just gone I went up to The Suffering Race as a spectator and support crew. Sunday afternoon I found myself sat by a tree watching participants bear crawl to a log, crawl under it and then jump hop all the way through a lake, looking muddy, and broken. And it made me wonder why I ever wanted to put myself through that, it looked like hell!

I felt like that was a whole different person who used to do those races. It didn’t feel like it was ‘me’.

Don’t get me wrong I love going to OCR events and seeing all my buddies and cheering everyone on, but taking part is definitely not going to be happening as much.

I only have a few booked, London Mens Health Survival of the fittest which has minimal mud at the end of July. Dirty Dozen 18k in the middle of August and then just Tough Mudder and the rest of the mens health series towards the end of the year. And then I can’t see me booking anymore.

Why would anyone want to put themselves through muddy pools of water and carry stupidly heavy stuff?

10842194_865127443528358_4294298024568813346_o11034344_865127743528328_6999171959761869684_o11722326_1609029532670059_6390828038446013572_o 11780012_1609031309336548_5405799343928977107_o

Oh wait … yeah. I did!


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