Gym Love!

I’ve always been a all or nothing kind of person. I get hooked on one thing and that is my thing that gets all my love and attention. It occurs in many areas of my life. Fitness is one of those.

For many years running was ‘the thing’ that I was in love with deeply. But last year when I faced my gym fears due to injury I quickly found a love and obsession for the gym. That was great until I injured my back in November and couldn’t get back in the gym until the end of January! But since then I’ve been totally on it!

I try to make an effort to do classes as much as I can because for me I know I work harder in a class than I tend to in the gym. But if timings don’t work out then I’m quite happy to do a workout in the gym. I don’t feel totally comfortable in the big boys weights rooms but if I poke my head around the corner and its got less than about 10 people in there then I’m happy to go do my thing! But if its busy then I’ll head upstairs and find a quiet little spot!

Ultimately though I’ve seen changes in my body. I can see myself getting stronger. Be it in the muscle definition as well as the numbers on the weights. I like that!

But at the moment I have to juggle it with my running and my heart isn’t in the running. My heart is in the gym. So that’s tough because on a rainy day I’d rather just go to the gym! Which is exactly what I did last week! It was pissing it down so instead of going for a run I went to the gym! Nice air conditioned happy place!

This week I’ve been a bit better about getting my run done first and then ‘rewarding’ myself with a gym session. Which seems a bit weird but thats jut me 😀

Now I just have to tackle the food! I’ve been bingeing way too much recently but thats a whole other blog post! Baby steps. Its a marathon not a sprint!


3 thoughts on “Gym Love!

  1. Hey Hayley! Good on you for taking care of yourself. I do a bit of both because right now I’m running on the treadmill then doing some weights and abs work. Which classes do you like? I love BodyCombat but unfortunately so do lots of other people so I can only rarely get a space in a class.

    1. Ah thats a shame, our body pump can be like that! Theres been a huge class shake up at my gym due to loads of staff leaving but usually I love spin/pump and LBT. Occasionally aerobics if I’m up for a bit of a laugh 🙂

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